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By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

When you hear the words “family vacation packages” you might think that means nothing more than a trip to Disney or some other theme park. But family vacations can be just as varied as families are – and you can travel as a family to just about anywhere you might travel without the kids. Of course, some destinations are going to be more fun when done family-style than others, and that is what family vacation packages are all about.

Beyond the world of Disney and similar theme parks, there are countless places that make great family vacations. Kids are like sponges, so they will learn from just about anywhere you want to take them – and travel is, after all, a great educational opportunity. So think big – exploring the land of the Hobbits with a visit to New Zealand, finally understanding the meaning of the word “immense” with a trip to see the Swiss Alps, getting up close and personal with the animals from storybooks with an African Safari… The choices are endless.

And of course there are family vacation packages in the United States that make great educational opportunities, too – whether it is learning about the Native Americans in the Southwest, treating a theatre-loving kid to a week of Broadway shows, or making science fun by timing Old Faithful at Yellowstone. There are countless destinations the world over that not only make for great vacations, but make for great family vacations especially.

So, while you are planning your trip, be sure to check out our family vacation packages listed to the left – the list gets updated automatically and regularly from several different sources, so check back to see what new deals have been added. And if you happen to visit when nothing is listed, never fear – because this list is always changing, it could be full of deals by the next time you visit. And, if you cannot wait that long, you can always build your own trip using the search box above.

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