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By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

Every kid’s summer vacation fantasy includes Mickey Mouse at some point – and we are talking about kids of all ages here, too. So why not indulge that fantasy at least once? If you think an Orlando vacation would be too costly because everybody and their brother is going there, then you are half right. Yes, it sometimes seems like everyone is visiting Orlando at the same time. But no, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to join them – not with our Orlando vacation packages.

It is partly because Orlando is such a popular vacation destination that the travel industry there can offer great deals on things like airfare and hotel stays. You will find a great selection of Orlando vacation packages on the list to the left, and while not all of them will work for you (because they are not departing from your home airport), there are certain to be at least a few that will not only work for you but save you money and time as well.

If you are skeptical about the travel deals you see, we invite you to do your own cost comparison by pricing out each individual item in the packages listed. Now, you may hunt down such a great deal on one part of the package that you may be able to beat the prices listed – but we are confident that the vast majority of the time the vacation deals listed to the left will save you not only money but also the time it would ordinarly take you to book each element separately. Saving you time lets you get back to your life more quickly, and saving you money lets you buy a little something extra for yourself (or your kids) from Disney and Company!

As this is written, some of the Orlando travel deals available are airfare plus three nights in the Westgate Lakes Universal Studios Area from $298, round-trip airfare from Dallas to Orlando plus two hotel nights for $531, and round-trip airfare from Minneapolis to Orlando plus two hotel nights for $601.

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