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By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

People have been dreaming of and taking European vacations for decades, from the time when a Grand Tour was a necessary part of any upper class education to these days when backpacking through Europe is one of those things every college student dreams of doing after graduation. But even if you are not living in Victorian times or interested in hauling a backpack through France, there are lots of other ways to have a great time in Europe. We would like to help you get there without spending a fortune – check out our European vacation packages listed to the left.

While you could easily book the various elements of any of these package deals separately, that means that you have to do the research yourself to find the best deals on each individual piece of the package and then potentially pay more for each one. With our European vacation packages you save time by booking several pieces of your vacation together in one fell swoop – and we are confident that you will save loads of money as well.

Take a look at your options for Europe vacation packages on the list at the left – Europe is a big place, so there are lots of different kinds of trips available. This list will change regularly, too, as new deals are offered and old ones go away, so you should definitely bookmark this page and visit it often to see what is available. There may be flight-only deals, hotel-only deals, or combinations on things like hotel and airfare together. They might not all work for you, or all be appealing, but we think you will find at least a few that are interesting enough to find out more.

At this writing, some of the Europe vacation deals available include and eight-day train trip through Rome, Florence and Venice from $1399, a nine-day train trip through London, Paris and Amsterdam from $1459, and a 10-day trip on the glorious Dalmatian Coast of Croatia from $2549.

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