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By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

It almost does not matter who you talk to, nearly everyone either has a great story about their trip to Italy, or they are dreaming of when they will get to go to Italy. There is something about this beautiful country that sucks people in – in a good way. The only issue is that traveling to Italy can be really expensive, so you want to try to save money in any way possible. One great way to do that is with an Italy vacation package deal, like the ones listed on this page.

No matter what kind of Italy trip you have in mind, you will no doubt be spending money on some of the same things – namely, you will need to get yourself to Italy somehow, and you will need a place to sleep while you are there. For the vast majority of travelers, that means buying an airline ticket to Italy and then booking a hotel room for each city you are visiting. But instead of booking each thing separately, if you could save money by booking combinations of those things, why wouldn’t you? Well, with our Italy vacation packages you can save both money and time.

Of course, you can still book each item separately, and you may want to price each item out to see just how much you would save – but in the end, we think that you will find that our vacation packages for Italy are not only economical but that they also save you the time it would otherwise take you to hunt down all these deals for yourself! The list of Italy travel deals will change regularly, so you may find flights-only deals, or hotels-only deals, or combinations of the two – you may also find Italy tours listed here, which throw in extras on top of airfare and hotel stays. And while not all of the deals will work for you, you are bound to find at least one that is tempting!

Some of the Italy deals available at the time of this writing include an eight-day tour of Rome, Florence and Venice by train starting from $1399 (including airfare from/to New York and six hotel nights), round-trip airfare from Las Vegas to Rome for $1000, and a five-star hotel in Rome for $597 per night (American breakfast included). Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to see what new deals are on offer, so you can stop dreaming about that vacation in Italy and start making it happen!

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