Costa Rica Vacation Packages

By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

Costa Rica has been a popular vacation spot for decades now. Some people are drawn to the plethora of eco-travel opportunities. Some people are drawn for political reasons to the country’s lack of a standing army. Some people are simply looking for a tourist-friendly place to learn Spanish. And let this be a warning to you – more and more people who go to Costa Rica on vacation end up making plans to retire there. So if you decide to take advantage of one of our great Costa Rica vacation packages, keep an eye out for the perfect retirement villa while you are there. You never know…

But seriously, folks, when you are planning a trip to Costa Rica – or anywhere, for that matter – you will be spending money on several different things. It really does not matter what kind of trip you are going to take. You will need to get there for starters, and you will need a place to sleep. For most people, that means booking an airline ticket and a hotel room. You can book them separately, but if you can save money by booking them together with one of our Costa Rica vacation packages, why would you do anything else?

Check out the list of vacation packages for Costa Rica to the left – it changes frequently, so you may not always find the same kinds of deals, but the kinds of things you might see include flight-only deals, hotel-only deals, combinations of airfare and hotel stays, and even Costa Rica tour deals that include all kinds of extras. Each one offers you a discount on at least one element of your trip, and some of them offer major discounts by booking things together. If you want to spend the extra time to price out each individual element to see how much you will save, you can certainly do that – and we are confident that our Costa Rica vacation packages will save you not only money but time as well.

As mentioned, the list to the left will change frequently, so what you see today may not be the same list that was available at the time of this writing. At the moment, there are two great vacation packages to Costa Rica listed – including an eight-day “fly and drive” trip from $699 per person and a 10-day tour of “Green Costa Rica” from $795 (including international airfare). Your best bet is to bookmark this page and return often to check on what is on offer. That way, you can pounce on a great deal when you see it.

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