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By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

Let’s face it – Jamaica has a reputation. This little Caribbean island is the subject of marijuana jokes the world over. And who among us has not said “mon” in an attempt to sound like we were locals? Well, it seems like it is high time (pun intended) that you get yourself to Jamaica and see how inaccurate your perceptions are. Besides, you work hard – you deserve a Caribbean trip. So check out our Jamaica vacation packages and start planning your island holiday today.

While you could spend your free time hunting down travel deals to Jamaica and then booking everything separately, we suggest that instead of that you let us help you save money and time with our Jamaica vacation packages. These may be flight-only, or hotel-only, or include your flight and hotel together, but they are designed to cut your travel costs and keep you from spending all your lunch breaks surfing the booking websites.

Of course, not every travel deal listed will work for you – they might not be flying from an airport near you, or they might just be for specific travel dates when you cannot get away from work – but there is bound to be one that looks appealing. And if you do not see anything listed at all, do not worry. That just means there are not any deals at the moment, but because these deals change regularly you can always bookmark this page and check back later to see what is on offer.

If you cannot wait, however, you can always use the search engine on this page to build your own vacation package to Jamaica. Even if you are doing that, you are still going to be able to take advantage of the cost-savings of combining different things. You have two choices – you can look for flight/hotel deals only, or you can throw in a car rental and hunt for all three things together. Whatever you decide to do, we hope that you have a great vacation in Jamaica, mon.

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