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By BootsnAll | February 23rd, 2009

Although most people might think of visiting Australia only to spend time in its famous and cosmopolitan East Coast cities, this island nation is huge and has lots more to offer than just city landscapes. Even with all the time in the world and no budget constraints, you probably would still miss plenty of Australia’s sights, so it is a good idea to plan your trip carefully. With our Australia vacation packages you can save money on your trip overall, save time in the planning process, and get a good start on a great Australia trip.

No matter where you are planning to visit in Australia, or what you plan to do during your holiday, a few things will remain constant. You will need to get there in the first place, right? For most travelers that means buying an airline ticket. Then you will need a place to stay when you get there. Again, for most people that means booking a hotel room. Some travelers will also need a way to get around Australia, too, which could mean throwing a car rental into the mix. You could book all these things separately, but by combining them with one of our Australia vacation packages you could shave a little bit of the cost off each piece and save big.

In addition to saving money, you will also be saving yourself time when you book an Australia vacation package instead of booking each piece individually. This is because rather than spending the time to hunt down deals for each element of your trip separately and then going through a different online booking process for each one, you can take care of several items with one search and one online transaction. Of course, you could spend the time to hunt down the individual items to see just how much money you are saving, but after you do that once we are pretty sure you will not want to bother doing it again!

On the list to the left, you will see the vacation packages for Australia that are available right now. This list will change frequently, as current travel deals get booked or expire and new travel deals become available. We recommend that you bookmark this page and check back regularly so you do not miss out on a great deal. As this is being written, there is only one deal on offer – it is a trip that includes round-trip airfare from Auckland to Sydney plus six hotel nights, with the price starting at $1,135. You never know what will be offered when you check in!

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